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As an online coach, my number one priority is to motivate and give people confidence and self-belief using my knowledge and experience gained from the fitness industry. I strongly believe that fitness as well as having a strong mindset is crucial to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. My online coaching platform enables me to provide you personalised workout and nutrition plans based on your exact goals, preferences and circumstances. I also like to take a holistic approach, so you can expect additional mindset support throughout. I will be there to guide you the whole way through transforming all facets of your health.

To me, health & fitness form the basis towards everything we do in life. If we can learn to connect fitness + life we then will be able to truly understand our real potential

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Your workout plans will be tailored to you and your goals! When creating your workouts I will take into account past injuries, your level of experience, and your personal preference of working out at the gym, outdoors, or at home.


Meal plans

Tailored meal plans to help you reach your goals quicker and more efficiently. All recipes are designed to fit your required calorie intake, taking into account any allergies, and dislikes for specific ingredients. Meals can be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten-free. Whatever you like!


1-2-1 coaching

1-2-1 coaching and support from me via my app. Instant chat service with myself to ensure you stay on track with your goals. Video messages from me giving you training tips, motivation and mindset training. I will also check-in with you frequently to see how you’re getting on!


Progress tracking

 Detailed tracker system enabling you to see your progress in real-time. You will be able to enter your measurements weekly via the app in order to give you a concise indication of how you are progressing in relation to your goals.

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All in one app

  • Customised workout plans to help you reach your goals.
  • Tailored nutrition plans with varied meal/ recipe options
  • 24/7 chat support with me throughout your journey
  • Advanced tracker system displaying your progress
  • Plans are frequently updated and adjusted based on your development
  • 24/7 chat support with me throughout your journey

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