Patience with your purpouse

I cannot believe we are at the end of the year, let alone the last month of the decade. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my sisters Wedding in January, and let’s not get started on where I was 10 years ago.

Entering into my final year of University, prioritising the Newcastle nightlife and dominos pizza two for Tuesdays over any real sense of growth mindset and future vision. But student life… right?!

Contrary to the first half of this decade, over the last few years I have found a serious rhythm away from the conformed Monday-Friday, 9-5, or January-December. And whilst days, weeks, times, and the seasons all hold relevance, we are ultimately all on our own clock. 

I once thought I had to have everything figured out at once – but what I have come to realise is, for starters do you ever really figure it out? And additionally there is no deadline for success – you just have to be willing to stick at it until you start getting what you want.

We are however very quick to asses our own journey and judge our success through short term gratification. And it’s difficult not to nowadays – our culture has a certain demand, expectation, and need for immediate impact and result.

Technology has made us so ‘ready’ and ‘on’ – we have to work very little to get things. Online shopping, takeouts, Ubers, it’s all fucking great don’t get me wrong – everything I need and use!

But in turn our mindset on life has somewhat been altered and that is where I feel rewiring back to the old school can benefit us for the next decade. Some of you might be doing this already, but I am talking about understanding the need for grind, patience, and long hard boring work for all the ‘good stuff’.

The things we really need to work for, we sadly have the same expectation as the 4-5 minute wait for our Uber ride, or the same day Amazon Prime delivery service.

Those real things being our why, our purpose, and individual development.

These real things take time, the work isn’t sexy, it’s often long and boring, but it is super necessary.

If I think to where I was 10 years ago compared to where I am now… wow. For starters I never thought I’d end up where I am currently – and let’s just say the journey has been long and windy rather than straight and narrow.

It’s taken me a good 10 years to find a real sense of purpose and validation in what I do and now where I want to go.

Through all the experiences, trials, tribulations, adversity, struggles, overdrafts, relationship breakdowns, personal insecurities, and more, I’ve grown. Adversity has helped immensely, and it isn’t something that should be shied away from. Has society made us soft?

I’d be worried if 10 years on I was the same person compared to that guy at Uni. Some people do however stay the same.

We have to realise that finding that purpose and validation is a constant journey. Nothing which a month, season, or year can dictate. And it takes graft.

There was a time I could literally dream of doing what I am currently doing – no joke, sitting at a desk in my early twenties, earning a shit salary, thinking my own setbacks and personal faults would prevent me from ever making a difference.

And fast forward 5-6 years, I sit here somewhat fulfilled knowing that whilst the route hasn’t been easy, it’s been worth it. I don’t need to go into how hard I have worked because my hard work might also be someones easy! It’s all relative. But I am content. And there is more to do.

However, through constant self asessment, and adversity, there is path and opportunity, but the route can’t be faked and what I can only suggest you settle in and get used to hard work amongst all the chaos.

No matter what the goals may be for 2020 and beyond, If you are willing to endure the long haul, you will find your groove. Don’t be pissed if it doesn’t work out immediately. Long term, you will always dictate the game if you understand that work ethic and patience is the key to real evolution.

There is no deadline for success. For some of us, 4 weeks to a six pack is achievable. For some it’s 4 years. Some of us blow up overnight, for others, they might be constantly waiting for that break.

But you can’t beat hard work and an even harder mindset.

So, 2020, what you saying! Here is to the next decade, and hard work. That is the real sexy.


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