Alive, present, strong

I Initially started my career in sports marketing, working for a global Formula 1 agency. I’ve always had a creative mindset however the role I was put in was more of a strategic and back office one. Looking back on it all now, it was so valuable in what it taught me, but at the time I just didn’t feel fulfilled.

As a child, I developed a severe stammer and it was my biggest nemesis growing up. Whilst I played a lot of sports and you could say was ‘popular’ so I didn’t get bullied (at least as I got older), It still suppressed me hugely. I had a lot of social anxiety, and more from a career standpoint it just made me not push for what I wanted. I settled hiding in the back, not having much client interaction, and genuinely at one point thought I would be destined for the desk for the rest of my life due to my stammer.

Acknowledging and being comfortable with my stammer has been the biggest thing to accept, but over time, I’ve learned to embrace it. My passion for sports allowed me to develop a big competitor’s mindset within me, and as I got older I simply learned to transfer that mentality over towards what I did in life. Learning to stay calm under pressure, thrive within it somewhat, take risks when needed, and get a little aggressive with life!

I could go into A LOT of detail but I simply couldn’t accept the position I was in. So, I quit my job and at the time went to work for my dad for a little while. And even though that tanked quickly, it put me in a fight or flight position where I had to start pursuing something I loved, or go back into office work.


I managed to get a position at a fitness studio in London where I was an assistant coach to main coaches teaching classes. Still up until this time, I had no desire to teach due to my stammer. However, one morning the head coach was sick and couldn’t make it into class. It was just me leading it, and the studio manager asked me to step up on the mic. It was one of those moments where I felt back at school, being asked to read out in front of class. The anxiety and nervousness was too big to describe. But I was at a point where I could continue hiding, or just take a risk. It seems when I am on the mic, my stammer goes. It was the best feeling ever. The rest… is history!

Sport & fitness have given me so much confidence, and more importantly over the years it’s allowed me to develop a mindset needed to win in my own life. We’re all on our journey and some people have it much worse than me, so I always remember that, I count myself lucky, and I simply just try to get better by mirroring that competitive mindset into anything I do in life.

Our bodies are an incredible machine and as a product of exercise, training and sports we also can develop our minds. If you can learn to get uncomfortable with whatever training you are doing or want to start with, and learn how to push yourselves, you will start to perceive life in such a different way. We like being comfortable and as a result get complacent. I was for years. But all I can say is take risks, don’t settle, and use fitness as a tool to get to where you want to be. It’s so powerful. Because when you exercise, you feel alive, present and strong. And that is the best thing for a confidence boost.

If we can learn to connect fitness & life I think we’d all surprise ourselves of our true capabilities. It is something I feel strongly about, and am on a mission to talk about more.

So, why Alive, Present, & Strong?

It was something I quoted whilst doing my first public interview earlier this year, about my journey into fitness. I hadn’t realised I’d even said it – but when the publication came back, the editors used it as the Headline. I looked at it and thought – yeah, I like that! Again, not even noticing it was something I said – I read the article back, and finally realised!

I messaged my manager Nora, and said, “I think we have something here” – she agreed. “It’s yours. Own it”

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