I am a personal trainer & fitness coach with a degree in Philosophy and can-do mindset that helped me overcome my stammer to eventually be an instructor at Barrys Bootcamp and Under Armour Trainer & Ambassador



A large part of why I first started behind a desk was due to my stammer. I still very much have it today however it was my biggest setback growing up which saw me deal with a huge amount of suppression and confidence issues. 

When I first discovered teaching a few years back the stammer quite simply went on the mic. It made me realise that even in the most unlikely of scenarios, teaching was, and is my calling.

Fitness has always been a passion of mine – a way to express the mind and body and find confidence and inner strength. My personal story exemplifies my training philosophy – based around the concept of connecting fitness and life together, and using exercise as a tool to discover your real value and live a better life not only physically but mentally.


The fitness industry is thriving and whilst we are strengthening our bodies, we can’t forget about the mind. Fitness can give you so much, if you recognise the importance of linking it to life, and everything you do outside of the gym.


I want to encourage people to find confidence through staying fit and active. When I work out, I feel alive, present and strong – and I want you to feel that way too!